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Personalized care allows obtaining the highest quality fruit

The vineyard has a privileged location at the entrance of Valle de Guadalupe, enjoying the maritime air currents from the Pacific Ocean.

The water used for irrigation is of excellent quality, it is sweet since it comes from the natural runoff of the mountains due to winter rains.

The plants are served by a team of highly trained workers, who perform all the tasks under the direct supervision of the Ing. Paoloni. This personalized care allows to obtain the highest quality of the fruit. The harvest of the grape is made at the moment of optimum maturation, the production is low to favor the quality of the wines.

In Villa Montefiori we know that good wine is made in the vineyard, is why we only use our grapes for wine making.

Currently the offer is eleven varieties of grapes, which acclimated perfectly to the wonderful terroir of Valle de Guadalupe.

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